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Medical Mouth Massage - Relief from Dental Procedure Pain

Dental procedures ar some of the most painful procedures ever, mainly because of the sensitivity in your mouth. Medical mouth massage therapy is technique that is often utilized by practitioners to release the tension in the neck, head and jaw by massaging the mouth.

Many times, the tension in your neck will cause you to grind your teeth. You likely clench your jaw as a result. Trauma to the mouth (such as that from dental procedures) can result in the same reaction. It will cause your jaw to tense up.

The muscles of the neck, back, head and jaw are all one and the same. If something is out of alignment or injured, everything can suffer. This is not much different than the body as a whole, hence massage therapists often approach healing through trigger point therapy, where various triggers are treated that lead to certain types of pain in certain areas of the body.

Massage therapists have been working on this approach for years to help heal the injuries, relax the tension in the muscles and fascia, and relax the neck/jaw/face.

Many massage therapy programs offer courses thatinvolve massaging the mouth to reach many muscles you may not even know exist. By applying pressure through massage on specific areas of the mouth, going through exercises like opening and closing, along with relaxation touch therapy provides tension relief from the trauma.

Many procedures are also known to cause discomfort in areas under the tongue and the surrounding muscles which are directly joined to the neck. There is a soft palate around the tongue and your lower teeth, as well as the back of your jaw where your wisdom teeth are that are prone to trauma.

The bottom line is that while it can be uneasy at first, a mouth massage certainly helps relax and alleviate pain from trauma caused by many dental procedures.

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